About Us

Smartbridge Team Event Commander has been developed by Smartbridge Ltd in Glattbrugg/Switzerland.
How everything started
It all began with a flood of emails to an employee of a catering company. The company suffered from its own success and the many orders pushed the organization to its limits. "They need a software program to handle this" the employee exclaimed in her frustration. It was the birth of an idea.
Event Commander was conceived in 2006 and from 2007 - 2009 developed to market maturity. We followed a very unusual path for the situation of that era, namely a completely web-based software where operation, maintenance and further development is secured by us as service providers. The initial scepticism for this approach was overtaken by enthusiasm which we have experienced from our current and new customers.

Commitment to progress

Event Commander is never static but is consistently evolving. Our software should become for you as customer much more than only a helpful tool. Our greatest hope is that you and your employees will rediscover with Event Commander the ease of the work.
Event Commander is a development of the Zurich-based Smartbridge Ltd and 100% Swiss made.

Die nächste Generation der Einsatzplanung für Aushilfen heisst Staffcloud. Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch auf unserer neuen Website!

The next generation of staff planning for flexible work force is called Staffcloud. We are looking forward to welcome you on our new website.

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