What are the advantages of Event Commander in comparison with Excel or Access?

Event Commander is not just a data management software. On top of being a user-friendly project management system, Event Commander has many more functions for event organization. The software can communicate directly with your staff members - via e-mail or text message. Event Commander will help effectively planning personnel and simultaneously provides the data to run the payroll at the end of the month. The software offers insightful statistical data, such as the sum of labor costs for employees or for a specific project.

What are the technical requirements for Event Commander?

An Internet connection and the installation of a modern browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, ..) . Employee accounts run on all major browsers and smartphones.

How does Event Commander inform employees of new positions to be filled?

Event Commander features standardized e-mails, which are sent after the opening of a new project. The e-mails are sent only to the previously selected potential employees, based on the criteria of your choosing.

How will my staff receive their salary information with Event Commander?

Each employee has their own user account where they are able to keep track of their working hours and wages.

How exactly will Event Commander help me find the right staff members for a project?

You are able to use a simple filter in Event Commander to find employees with the specific skills you are looking for. Subsequently, these employees will be informed by e-mail. Those who are available, and interested in the job, can apply with a single click in their personal account. Event Commander automatically updates information regarding each position as employees request them. The administrator can select and assign employees to appropriate positions using "drag and drop".

An employee goes abroad for 2 months and wants to work again once they return. How can I make sure the employee isn't bothered by job requests during their absence?

Through their personal account, the employee can manage their availability or they can notify the administrator. During this period the employee will not be considered for job inquiries. Once the employee is available again, Event Commander automatically considers him for new jobs.

How does Event Commander keep the personal data of employees up to date?

Each employee has a private account. They are able to manage their own data, such as address or availability. In addition to automatic synchronization, the administrator is notified of the changes.

How can I integrate the data of newly recruited staff in Event Commander?

Event Commander provides an online form available to new staff in which they will be able to input their data. The web form also supports the attachment of photos or other documents, like a resume. Just one click and the data of the staff member is integrated to the system.

How secure is Event Commander?

Very secure. Event Commander has a whole series of measures to ensure data security at all times. Event Commander provides information on anyone who has recently made​ a change to a project. When Event Commander is idle for 15 minutes, the software automatically logs out the user and requires login information to continue working. Passwords for entry are encrypted. Our servers are protected by advanced firewalls against acts of excessive access and attacks, and are monitored 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week/ 365 days a year. Additionally, there is 'data mirroring' in which all data is written simultaneously to two different disks. When one disk fails the other takes over. All data is backed up daily in a different location. Data security is also guaranteed in the event of a fire or any other highly unikely, similar event.

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